Friday, September 29, 2023

Alan Ward Releases New Track ‘Eat The Cake’

Alan Ward is a rap artist who was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. After finishing school in Winona, MN, Ward started his music career at the end of 2019 by dropping his first EP Joon. Following a solid response, Ward continued his passion releasing 2 more singles before the year end. These singles were included on his first mixtape along with 5 other tracks. ‘Lyrical’, ‘bass heavy’ and ‘cool’ were immediate descriptions of Ward’s sound. Before closing out 2020, he dropped another single that was later part of his second mixtape.

His first music video also came out that year to the lyrical b-cut track. The consistent run proved to be a slight success after landing in several publications & getting both national & international radio placement. Now having a year and some change under his belt pursuing music, Ward showed extreme potential & promise. In 2021, he was efficient by droppin’ only an EP that was led by his single. He has now been solidified as one of the rising emcees who’s tracks need to be replayed due to lyrical substance and infectious beat selection. By the end of 2021, Ward had now gained additional features in publications, more radio placements and a few podcasts interviews. By the midway point of 2022, Ward dropped a few more singles throughout the year and went on his first tour at the end of March. His newest effort was a 4 track EP executively produced by that dropped at the end of July.

Alan Ward drops a track with fellow MC Tracy Hardly. Dropped as a throwaway, Ward and Hardly exchange verses on this smooth lyrical track. This track is simplistic in structure and sound but complex in wordplay.


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