Friday, September 29, 2023

Alt-Z Releases His New Track ‘Now There Is No Hope’

Matthew Waltz aka Alt-Z is an independent artist that is fresh and new on the scene. His music spans multiple genres across electronic music and he is also an audio engineer. He creates, mixes and masters, titles and then creates his own cover art – it is fair to say Alt-Z is an incredibly driven artist and is extremely passionate about music.

It’s just me, no one else. I started getting into music when I was young, and I listened to my uncle’s huge vinyl collection. Then in high school I went even further and created my first 8 track electronic album, though unreleased. After high school graduation I joined the Army for 8 years and was honorably discharged 2015. Then I decided to get back into music making in 2019 and really starting creating during this whole COVID lockdown.

I take my creativity of making music from my own life experiences and discoveries. Often times when I make something it’s like the purification of my anxieties and fears or what have you, through art. The purification through art. Music is my therapy. Sometimes it’s my own dealings with depression anxiety and suicidal tendencies that help me to create something beautiful. And what I create is often hard to categorize, but it’s all electronic music from the equipment I use. Maybe one day I’ll blow up, but it’s not about that. I just want to give a little piece of myself out there for people to enjoy.

A little bit Electronic, a bit Trappy… Actually there’s not a proper category.
I made this track while I was going thru my own cycle of depression, anxieties and suicidal tendencies.

It’s about caring that major feeling of now there’s no hope. And what that brings you.

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