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An Interview With Chris Holly

After sharing the stage with all-time legends such as Pantera and Slayer back in the day when he was in the hardcore thrash metal scene, Chris Holly shows the world his growing mellowness on his new single that navigates us through the road of life on ‘Don’t‘.

“Don’t” from the Charleston, South Carolina-based indie-rock solo singer-songwriter and music producer Chris Holly, is a superbly-performed single that has you feeling in a buoyant mood. With so many gloomy people out there waiting for you to fail so that they can feel better about themselves, this is an uplifting message that urges you to carry on with your path, as long as it comes with genuine intentions.

How did you get started, and what has led up to where you are today as an artist?

After starting his career on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, involving himself with Hair bands and the Thrash Metal scene, Chris Holly has garnered years of experience in the industry. However nowadays, he’s put those heavy sounds behind him and slowed things down, keeping them quite acoustic. On his latest track “Don’t”, he’s showcased his soulful vocals on top of a stunning instrumentation, so without a doubt, we can’t wait for everyone out there to give it a spin.

Who do you feel has influenced your sound the most?

Bob Dylan, Nicole Dollanganger, Pantera to Tom Waits

What do you feel sets you apart from other artists and gives you your own sound?

Many years of experience working in so many varied styles with so many talented artist.
Always learning about new music trends and new artist from indie to mega-star.

What has been your biggest challenge and what do you feel you have learned from it?

Going from 2inch tape recording to Protools/Logic Pro X
From Fanzines to bloggers
From NO internet to World Wide Web / Metaverse

Tell us about your latest project, what have you got going on at the moment?

A LO-Fi bedroom home demo titled QUIET NIGHT, recorded many years back at an after, after the party…party in my old house that had a Voodoo Lounge above the garage. It’s completely ‘LIVE’ you can hear one of my stripper friend’s cell phone go off in the end. We knew how to have a good time back then, but “Quiet Night” is about having the party too many times for too long.

The song has caught on quickly in the LO-Fi genre with a wonderful music video from director/editor Dion Paz.

What advice would you give to anyone new coming into the industry?

Just because many of your friends have heard your new song online doesn’t mean the world has. Be ready to promote your music by any means necessary, work hard, very, very hard. Don’t let the rejection stop your dream, it’s hurts I know it does. It bothers my rockstar friends they read it trust me.

Believe in You
Your voice matters

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for getting you to where you are now, anyone you’d like to give a shout-out to?

My Father who died many years ago, always looking over my shoulder, Guardian Angel. My Mum too, she is British I was born in the States.

How can fans find you?

I’ll hit the road in the southeast United States February 26th, 2022 at my home venue the world famous Windjammer, Isle of Palms, South Carolina.
You can find me at my production/teaching/label/management studios MUSIC IS LIFE COMPANY USA in Charleston, SC

Stop by and say hello.

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