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An Interview With Procrastinatrix

Procrastinatrix is an electronic musician hailing from Wales, UK. His sounds are a genre mash of synth, glitchy drums, catchy riffs & hypnotic loops. At once experimental yet extremely listenable, his sound is hard to pigeonhole. He is very prolific, releasing five albums in the last three years. His latest album, Earfood, is out now.

How did you get started, and what has led up to where you are today as an artist?

Procrastinatrix has always been musically minded but went full time as a musician during the pandemic, using his tunes to reach out to friends on messenger. Gradually his sound developed and driven by the enthusiasm of his listeners he continued to hone his craft and became extremely prolific, often producing a tune a day of consistent quality.

Who do you feel has influenced your sound the most?

“Name drop time! First up has to be Aphex Twin, his sound is insane and is a great inspiration.” On a more personal note, he cites two friends who are music producers who have helped his career blossom. Ed Martin of Raising Wolves, a drum and bass producer from Glastonbury & Taran Burns of the experimental music phenomenon known as Transmitstatim. They helped the day to day process of developing as an artist.

What do you feel sets you apart from other artists and gives you your own sound?

He tries not to listen to much other music to keep his inspiration close to home, preferring to dedicate his ears to his own catalogue. A little narcissistic maybe but it helps carve a furrow that doesn’t swerve into the generic. Always unique, each track speaks for itself…

What has been your biggest challenge and what do you feel you have learned from it?

The biggest challenge is getting heard. So many thousands of songs are released a day it would be impossible to hear them all in a year. Shouting about one’s own music can feel vain and self-aggrandising. That’s where the record label comes in. Not the Final Vinyl now handles his promotions leaving him free to dedicate time to the art of it, leaving the shouting about each release to the label. It’s a good positive step.

Tell us about your latest project, what have you got going on at the moment?

He recently helped gather together a charity compilation, released on Not the Final Vinyl: It’s called ArtForce and it’s donating all proceeds to a Ukrainian Artist called Maxim Kilderov. (
Maxim is an up and coming talent in Ukraine and has founded The Humanity Project which gives back to his community on the ground in his war torn region. Check out ArtForce here: and pay as you feel, it’s a good cause!

What advice would you give to anyone new coming into the industry?

Just keep making work! Don’t spend forever selecting a kick sound and agonising over notch cutting -30khz in the mix. Lay out your arrangement, mix it, publish. Be prolific and build up a catalogue! Build on it! The old adage ‘if you build it they will come’ springs to mind. And don’t be afraid to share your music with friends directly. Some will ignore it but mostly you’ll get the encouragement you need to drive you forward while the momentum from the outside world slowly generates.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for getting you to where you are now, anyone you’d like to give a shout-out to?

Shoutouts to Mum, Emergy, Magda, Gabrysia, Porter, Ed Martin, Taran, Oli Shuster, Du Tara and the Godkids Bee, Ocean and Rebekkah. And all the uncountable digital interactions that have made the journey feel fulfilling! You know who you are.

How can fans find you?

Website is but it’s a little buggy because he built it himself.

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