Saturday, September 30, 2023

Andy’s Echo Releases New Single ‘Fire’

Andy’s Echo is a multi-instrumentalist, electronic live act and producer from Germany who releases music on Stil vor Talent, Katermukke and 3000º. This is his newest release on Katermukke including a live video and a remix by label boss Dirty Doering.

Andy's Echo

“Fire” is the name of Andy’s Echo first Katermukke release. The super energetic and smartly tinkered track is perfectly coming together from pan traveling arpeggios, rough picked guitar strings and the rattling bassline. As a contrast does Andy’s voice now and then subtly fade in.

The cherry on top for this release is the included Dirty Doering remix. With his remix he puts even more emphasis an edgy banging bassline. On the other hand more space for the vocals is open up and all in all an emotive but spaced out wave sound is created.

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