Friday, December 8, 2023

ASTARON Releases New Track ‘WE STAND HERE’

ASTARON is a German artist who first and foremost handcrafts electronic music. He made music for years developing his own style, some call it strange authentic or sometimes too much, but his goal is to find the perfect melodic high hook moment in every track he makes. He prefers quality beyond quantity and works with many analogue machines (see down description) and rock equipment. His equipment did cost him a lot of money, but his machines are defining his style and art of making music. His sound is what can’t be compared. He has his own sound. Something you won’t hear anywhere else.

Currently he works as a psychologist. This gives him another view on the world and he does express the feelings combined in his work. His music is an experience, not a light weight but definitely an impression how to do it otherwise. Get ready for his art and be entertained on a higher level. An underground phenomenon.

The song “WE STAND HERE” describes the battlefield in war. It’s considered an anti war song. Against all claims of war. Against all attempts to war. Actual as ever. The bad face of war again in these times. The artwork is an impression of the first world war.


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