Saturday, September 30, 2023

Buckhead Shaman Release New Track ‘Get the Lotion’

Buckhead Shaman is the fever dream derived, holistic persona of Tyler Hobbs. Reigning from Atlanta, Georgia, Buckhead Shaman draws inspiration from experimental pop and ‘60s walls of sound, using dreamy soundscapes to create a swirling sense of psychedelia coupled with angelic harmonies about everyday desires. Although Buckhead Shaman started as an online persona, his presence is electric – inspiring music that combines elements of funk, dream pop, indie and art rock.

“Whirling and puffy, a miniature epic about your fantasy beach day gone awry. You’ve forgotten to apply your lotion, and now it may be too late. On it goes. What’s worse, you’re freaking out– paranoid. Is it from too much weed? The clouds roll in, you accept your fate, and you convince yourself you’ve found peace.”

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