Buzzing Into 2020 UK Duo “Air Circus” Release New Single “Fly Boy”

Buzz Buzz. Ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the mind of a fly? Switch on the new upbeat, mellow, electronic track “Fly Boy” by Air Circus and find out. From a busy day avoiding swats, falling in love with the night sky and reincarnation, the new tune by the alternative duo gives you everything you need to relax, groove and move into the new decade.

Air Circus are Reading (UK) born artists and producers Adam Adrian and Dan Follant. After a few impromptu jam sessions in fluorescent lit kitchens and a shared love for field recordings, this duo knew they were destined to work together on future projects.

The pair quickly found their groove in 2019 releasing multiple singles, “Days Like Yesterday“, “Pocket Full of Pennies” and “Next Days Coming“, and the debut fun-funky-disco-bedroom-pop EP “Last Night’s Daydreams“. Jumping into 2020, Adrian & Follant are giving us the upbeat, mellow, electronic “Fly Boy” we deserve to start off this next wild ride of a year.

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