Friday, December 8, 2023

Cheyanne Summer Releases Genre-Defying Track ‘Circles’

Cheyanne Summer is a rising artist who burst onto the streaming scene this year. Having always had a natural affinity for music, the Canadian songwriter has honed her craft over the years to become the artist that she is today.​ Influenced by the sounds of The Beach Boys and Patsy Cline, the Canadian songstress combines a variety of compositional elements to form her unique sound.​

Originally from the verdant city of Kelowna in Canada’s British Columbia, Cheyanne journeyed 400 miles east and now lives and works out of Calgary.​ Cheyanne Summer has released three singles to date, with her debut EP scheduled to release later this year.

Cheyanne Summer returns with genre-defying track ‘Circles’ featuring her signature soulful vocals and mesmerising songwriting talent.​With notable pop-rock, R&B, and folk influences, Cheyanne’s shimmering vocals glide across an understated guitar riff for a laid-back, summery yet sultry sound.

‘Circles’ features a host of talented session musicians that contribute violin motifs, sparkling piano sounds and a steady pulse that highlight Cheyanne’s gorgeous vocal melodies.

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