Friday, September 29, 2023

Chris Holly Releases New Track ‘LOST$FOUND’

For those somehow out of the loop on Chris Holly, he’s a South Carolina-based indie rock artist who’s been involved in the music scene for 30+ years at this point. Having shared the stage with legends like Pantera and Slayer, he now manages his own production studio and is actively working within his local scene.

As much as he helps others, that surely hasn’t stopped him from creating more and more within his own catalog. Serving up another one called “LOST$FOUND”.

Now whether you’re dating in the present day or have experienced this phenomenon in the past, “ghosting” is still prevalent and it hurts just as much every time. Dissecting the terrible experience through raw lyricism and punk-driven instrumentation, Chris Holly’s “LOST$FOUND” dares to bring this topic to the forefront in a way that’s ultimately relatable for all who have dealt with it.

While this will probably never go away unfortunately, we do commend the artist on working through the experience by creating a piece of art in which he details its absurdity.

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