Friday, September 29, 2023

Chris Holly Releases New Track ‘S Q G (Straight Queer Girl)’

Chris Holly is a Charleston, South Carolina-based indie-rock artist, producer, manager, and activist, who is a highly experienced musician that has found his niche as a solo musician after many years in various bands.

After sharing the stage with all-time legends such as Pantera and Slayer back in the day when he was in the hardcore Hollywood thrash metal scene, Chris Holly shows the world his growing mellowness on his new single S Q G

Chris HollyNihilistic introspection with an intensely honest performance. When a voice can tell a story not much is needed. Minimalist approach with sparse chords and empathetic driving piano. SQG represents the hurt and sadness reflecting back on a long joyful relationship that ends in confusion, bitterness and lack of closure.

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