Saturday, September 30, 2023

Daniele Nick Releases New Track ‘Quiete’

Daniele Nick began his studies in the musical field at the age of 9 by attending various music schools studying mainly drums and guitar. During his training period he had the opportunity to record a series of studio records both as an official band member and as a session player.

The experience gained leads him to approach and learn other instrumental knowledge and then move on to a solo project with 36 active singles of various genres despite having an expressly rock soul.

He loves to call himself a crazy artist because of his recklessness, totally dragged by art, he embraces the madness of creation. ‘Qeiete’ is Daniele’s latest track, an infectious riff with his trademark vocals that builds until an unforgettable solo at 1:55 – a must listen check it out below!

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