Friday, December 8, 2023

Donnie Quest Releases New Track ‘Woke Up In A Dream’

Underground Hip Hop artist designer and producer from Gastonia “The Gashouse” North Carolina. Now residing in Toronto bringing his blend of Soulful Conscious wordplay on boom bap and original rap productions. Southern musical roots come from singing in the church and writing rhymes since his youth and being the founding member of the underground North Carolina Hip Hop group Psycho Astronauts. Also as an artist, he creates designs for his Moorish-American clothing brand Dejure Nobility.

Waking up to becoming more of a positive member in society amid all the struggles and pitfalls that humanity faces in life and pushing through. Very inspirational and socially aware song for the youth and old. Woke Up In A Dream the lead single off of the Album Under Land Series Vol. 1.

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