Friday, December 8, 2023

Gabriels Dawn Release Their New Single ‘Real Love’

The self titled debut album by Gabriel’s Dawn, from the Midlands(Leicester and Newcastle Under Lyme) brought together through a shared love of melodic pop, jangly guitars and classic songwriting. The album was recorded and mixed by band member Leon Jones at his own studio in Stoke on Trent throughout 2021.

Featuring Gudg (vocals), Fran Feely (Bass), Leon Jones (Guitar) and Stuart Gray (keys). The band have all known each other socially for years. Gudg and Fran had some songs and they asked Leon if he fancied adding some guitar and soon after Stuart jumped on board and Gabriel’s Dawn were officially born in 2020.

The album was recorded throughout Lockdown with the band rarely being in the studio at the same time. However, slowly it came together and we are now pleased to announce its release. The album also features guest backing vocals from Robyn Gibson, formerly of The Junipers and currently Hot Toddy, and Phil Mason who was band mates with Leon in Alfa 9.

“I prefer people to listen to the lyric’s and interpret it the way it relates to them. Its no secret that ‘Loose Canyon’ for example is about yearning for a different time and place but I wouldn’t necessarily say it was written with Lockdown in mind. It was more a general feeling I have. But other songs cover love, loss and even peoples attitude to creating music”.

Check out the video for Real Love below!

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