Thursday, September 28, 2023

J-Ferr Releases New Track ‘Method To The Madness (Freestyle)’

J-Ferr, 24 year old, “Real Rapper” Massachusetts Native making BIG waves across the state and now across the country. From writing songs since 11 years old, Recording and mixing his own music at 16 to now recording at big time PHOENIX DOWN STUDIOS in Somerville MA’. He’s gained a lot of traction and a lot of eyes are on him and his journey as an artist at this point of his early career.

J-Ferr’s 2nd hit single off his upcoming debut album is titled “Method To The Madness (Freestyle)”. In which, the hit is taking his fans & listeners by storm. The song is perfect reflection of his dedication to his craft and how serious you should take him as an artist. Due to one of many reasons being, that this track indeed was a REAL FREESTYLE! J told us, he recorded this during one of his first album sessions at Phoenix Down Studios in Somerville MA last summer of 2021 and had the hard hitting instrumental lined up to record but had no pre written lyrics ready for it. But, Ferr wasted no time in the booth and took it upon himself. He was just going to go in and freestyle it off the top.

As soon as the beat dropped it in the initial chorus just came to him off the high energy production by La Rata Beats. Setting the tone for the whole track he begins with rapping , “What’s the method to the madness?/ How you make it happen? / How you do it like that and get her on your mattress?” He had one answer, no secrets, no short cuts to his craft. He simply answers and raps in a confident manner with he’s a “real rapper”. He explained that this song was a way of displaying his true artistry and self awareness on who he is and there being no secret to his talent or craft. Ferr is just is as good as he claims to be and demonstrates it through out the bass knocking track. He raps about his beginnings and just how he felt at the time in the booth. Ferr described himself as approaching this song with a “killer instinct” without holding back what he has to say or biting his tongue.

His flow switches and how he rides it is what really pulls in the listener with his distinct sound, unlike anybody else you may listen to. He goes back and forth with his killer instinct and having fun on this track. Getting the listeners moving and having fun as well throughout it. Aside from his flows and personal outlook on this track his lyrical ability is undeniably astounding for even a freestyle. The 24 year old rapper, went bar after bar on this one showing us all sides of his versatility and his ability to make the unpredictable on every beat he jumps on!

Overall, the “Method To The Madness (Freestyle)” is a raw bar-heavy, bass pounding trap banger which is beautifully if not perfectly mixed and well put together single on the fly for the young J-Ferr. This isn’t something to look over, because we simply could not. Check it out and see what “The Method To The Madness” truly is on all platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube & SoundCloud)!

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