Saturday, September 30, 2023

J U S T Release New Track ‘Talk to You’

Einar and Myles, the talented duo behind J U S T, both hailing from Norway and Canada, this track brings together their extensive backgrounds in music production. Perfect for drum and bass lovers and “Liquicity” festival enthusiasts, “Talk to You” is ready to captivate you. Check it out below!

We’re excited to introduce you to J U S T’s captivating track, “Talk to You” featuring PIA. This liquid-leaning drum and bass masterpiece incorporates jazzy trumpets, creating an almost ethereal vibe. The song’s rich vocals and addictive rhythm keep listeners hooked, and halfway through, the trumpets kick in, taking them on a whole new musical journey. The emotive theme explores detaching from an unhealthy romance while still yearning for cherished memories.

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