Friday, September 29, 2023

K Millie Releases New Track ‘Leash’

Kantessa, aka K MILLIE, is an independent American rapper and songwriter from Irving, TX (Dallas county). K has come a long way from freestyling on the back of school buses in grade school and battling college friends. K Millie also reps Las Vegas after moving there in 2015 and gaining buzz in the city.

K Millie is slated to drop a new single in the next few months and currently working on a mixtape.

K Millie’s latest single, Leash, was released July 2016 and is something new and fresh from a female rapper. It is great for the radio, streaming playlists and the club. Catchy hooks, hard-hitting beats and lyrical metaphors are a staple in the K Millie sound, which you hear throughout the entirety of the song. At the same time, the lyrics are very relatable and based on K Millie’s life experiences.

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