Friday, December 8, 2023

Linda Lamon Releases New Track ‘Are We Alone?’

Linda is a singer songwriter from Stockport in the North West of England. At the age of 70 she brought out her first album of original songs. Previously she has had tracks recorded by soprano Katerina Mina, who released an EP and performed two of her pieces the UNESCO International Day of Light launch in Paris. (Look To the Universe and Rainbow of Light anthem). Rock legend Brian May also took a shine to one of Linda’s compositions (The New Woodland Song) and asked her to perform it live for the opening of his new woodland in Dorset.

Are We Alone? Is a ‘pop’ remix of the original Rainbow of Light, which was inspired by the Starmus festival of science and art, which Linda attended after Brian May flagged it up.

Brian is also an astrophysicist and he had invited the likes of Brian Cox, Professor Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Brian Eno, Steve Vai, Rick Wakeman, Jim Al Kahili, Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon) and a host of astronauts, cosmonauts and scientists.

Linda was blown away by what the scientists were revealing and scribbled down her lyrics whilst listening to their talks, then wrote the melody on her guitar when back in the UK.

The words describe the message from the science festival – a snapshot of where we were with regards to exploring the universe at that time (and still are). It asks whether the light from the spectrum could reveal more to us than we can visibly see, to aid scientific research and perhaps find answers to the mysteries of the cosmos and whether we are alone in the universe.

Importantly, the lyrics outline that we should look after earth as we reach for the stars.

“Feel the earth’s plight and watch the dark night. View the bright stars, and know who you are.”

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