Monday, September 26, 2022

Lost Cat Magnet, Charles Russell & Tiago da Silva Release ‘Salamander Trance’

Salamander Trance is a collaboration between artists Lost Cat Magnet, Charles Russell and Tiago da Silva.

Ricardo Acevedo: Electronic Composition Mixing & Editing, Mini-Nova, SP404, MicroFreak, DrumBrute, Kaos Pad. Live synth, keys, looping

Charles Russell: Live Rhodes MKI 73, Everett Console Acoustic Piano

Tiago Barreto da Silva: Electronic Composition Mixing & Editing. Electric Guitar Bass Guitar

From the album MY EXOTIC SELF. Recorded as LIVE as possible through the pandemic of 2020/21 in separate spaces, but in spontaneous live playing with and on each track in a one or two take process.


We sought to blend electro-glitch and ambient with bop and neo-classical, gothic southern jazz. Raw… at times chaotic, and other times deep and ambient. Just like all the battles of the times, as only our Exotic Selves could portray.

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