Monday, September 26, 2022

Lost Cat Magnet Releases ‘Trip Don’t Fall’

With a career spanning nearly 40 years, Lost Cat Magnet aka Ricardo Acevedo has spanned the genres of dark electro art mind spasms, techno prog, urban ambient, avant-jazz noise and chillout groove.

He is the leading member of Little Baby Strangers, Freaks Amor, The Blue Box, Second Culture, Rye Catchers, CUP, Tin Foil Hat, LOST CAT MAGNET, PetCatMan, Dimmer Twins, UBA, ABMT, 2pm in the Afternoon, Gone to Earth, My Exotic Self.

A legacy of terra. Bound to earth by no one, here solely by choice. The experiments will continue till morale improves or there’s a mutiny of fools.

Lost Cat Magnet – (Ricardo Acevedo): Electronic Composition Mixing & Editing,
Mini-Nova, SP404, Micro Freak, Drum Brute, Kaos Pad. Live synth, keys, guitar, looping.

All loops created by LCM live or from scratch.

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