Friday, September 29, 2023

Manni B Releases New Track ‘Daily Bread’

Emmanuel Bonney, aka Manni B is a Ghanaian-UK based Artist. His genre is mainly Afro- Fusion, Grime, Drill and Afrobeats. He is a song writer and a spoken word artist. He is a very talented maestro with passion for making music and entertaining people. He moved into the UK in 2019 to live with his family and has already had a limelight in music back in Takoradi Ghana; where he was part of the Junior choir of Freeman Methodist Kwesimintsim Society.

He is a fan of spoken word and has been writing unreleased poems since high school. Being in the UK, he found his foot in music while he was aiding his cousin Evans Atta with stage name Kay Bryn in his music career. One foot at the studio was all that it took to bring his creative talent into the mainstream limelight. With the group Golden Boys Only (GBO), they recorded a freestyle and a few singles. It is safe to say that Manni B is here to stay and he is willing to add a new course to hip pop and afrobeats.

Daily Bread signifies perseverance of any individual or artist out there; including Manni B who is striving everyday for a square meal a day. The song is emotional because it shows the expression of an individual, who is expected to have it all, because he hails from a noble and well to do environ and family.

People’s perception that if you have rich relatives, you are rich, and if you live abroad, you are rich is not what is always true.

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