Friday, September 29, 2023

Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé and Tabea Graser Release New Track ‘Regen und Blut’

“Regen und Blut” by Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé features vocals by Tabea Graser and is a beautiful and emotive piece that showcases both the composer’s skillful use of orchestration and the singer’s powerful voice. The song begins with a delicate chord melody that sets the stage for Tabea’s vocals to soar. Her voice is rich and expressive, perfectly capturing the emotion of the lyrics.

manuel joachim alexis Mahé and Tabea Graser

The orchestration is lush and full, adding depth and complexity to the piece. Overall, “Regen und Blut” is a masterful work that showcases the talents of both the composer and the singer.

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