Friday, December 8, 2023

Matt Geiser Releases New Track ‘Road Trip’

Singer, bassist, song writer and music producer. On a journey to learn, compose, perform, record and produce music. Also love spinning vinyl and listening to music albums old and new.

Matt dropped a record a while back and started thinking about how the defects on vinyl have similarities to aspects of our relationships with friends, lovers, family members, etc. It inspired his latest album, Vinyl Scars.

Road Trip is a “gotta go think” inspired drive into feelings of betrayal, worry, doubt, going crazy and uncertainty. Here’s the track line-up for Vinyl Scars, which is available on vinyl (pre-order), CD and streaming.

A1 – Awake – Everything is new; creation; birth; life cycle
A2 – First Fall – Original sin
A3 – Recipro City – Consequences of the fall…
A4 – Friend Funk (Burn That Bridge) – Fast friends, loyal friend, betrayal
A5 – Road Trip – Gotta think…
A6 – Burn – When should you burn bridges?

B1 – Confession – Maybe it’s me
B2 – Amazing Grace – Pit of disillusionment; Saving grace…
B3 – Absolution – Redemption song
B4 – Truth of Mind – The tonic
B5 – Vinyl Scars – They happen every day…

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