Friday, September 29, 2023

Mauro Masè Releases New Single ‘Dove Sei’

Mauro Masè is a songwriter and performer. He studied piano with the teacher Maria Rosaria Visini and singing with the soprano Antonella Trovarelli. Innate gift, in writing songs and performing in various musical contexts. In 1999 and 2000 he participated at the Ariston theatre in Sanremo as new proposals in the festival “una voce per Sanremo”. He was noticed by the record artist and producer Bruno Tavernese (RCA, Numero Uno, Ricordi CBS – Sony: 600 lives and 4 EP, 8 singles. Radio Tour.)

After many concerts in Italy and abroad aimed at celebrating Italian music, in particular that of Lucio Battisti. On Thursday 4th November 2021 his new single ” DOVE SEI” “WHERE ARE YOU ” is released and will be available on radio “DOVE SEI” (Independent Project) and on all streaming platforms.

MASÈ’s new work represents a continuous recording work. During the production, the artist and his collaborators started with the usual enthusiasm, and after rehearsals and collections they created a Pop arrangement pleasant to listen.

“The memory of a love, which always comes back to mind. He looks for her everywhere, in the cold of the morning, in the heat of a pillow… but he never finds her, and he often wonders, Where are you? A piece by Mauro Masè, pleasant at first listen, with a pop rhythm, beautiful sounds, rich harmonic structures that play from the beginning to the end of the song, supporting the piece, in a final crescendo. If you too have found yourselves in history then I can be satisfied.”

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