Thursday, September 28, 2023

Moweezy Drops New Track ‘Eternal Burden’

This is Moweezy of record label MaDD HouSe ProDucTions A US Rapper, Producer and Songwriter born (1998) living in Germany.

He is called Moweezy, because the Slang Weezy became his Sign for loving the Green. He loves the Rap Culture and seeks for the unique Hip-Hop Sound with Bars and Flow. He is a Entertainer on IG and YouTuber and has his own humour in every aspect but is a serious, hard – working rapper and producer.

It’s a love song dedicated to Moweezy’s relationship and partner in life and for others that feel the same for their significant other or crush. An inspiration for how a commitment full of love should be with the Word of God.


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