Thursday, September 28, 2023

Plagues Release New Track ‘Crawling’

Hailing from the shadows of the United Kingdom, the theatrical metal ensemble known as ‘Plagues’ has emerged as a mesmerising force in the music scene. Conceived in the tumultuous year of 2020, the band rapidly garnered an expanding circle of ardent followers, affectionately dubbed the ‘Scholars of Light’. These passionate supporters have crafted a vibrant and dedicated community across various digital platforms, known as ‘We Are the Cleansing’ or ‘Sanctuarii’. The anonymous and masked personas of Plagues, coupled with the rich sermons and fascinating lore surrounding the entity known as Xy’lothra, evoke an aura of intrigue and curiosity.

This multi-dimensional universe, sculpted meticulously by the band, has transformed newcomers into passionate inquirers seeking to unravel the many mysteries of this sonic realm. Fuelling the fires of their burgeoning popularity, ‘Pledge’, the latest auditory masterpiece from Plagues, has swiftly accumulated over 180k streams, reflecting the band’s ever-increasing fandom. The single is a testament to their innovative artistry and theatrical soundscapes, captivating listeners worldwide. As the cryptic veil surrounding Plagues and Xy’lothra thickens, eager fans find themselves on tenterhooks, yearning to unveil new music that might hold the keys to the myriad questions about the band’s identity and unique universe. In the interim, the band continues to mystify and enthral, crafting an indelible imprint in the realm of theatrical metal.

In an explosive revelation that has ignited excitement in the music industry, the emerging talent ‘Plagues’ known for their uniquely emotive vocal style – an artful mix of piercing clean vocals and passionately distorted tones, have paid an incredible tribute to the late, great Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. In a bold move aimed at making a significant impact in the music world, Plagues has ambitiously covered the timeless Linkin Park hit, “Crawling”.

This daring rendition goes beyond the boundaries of a standard cover, serving as a heartfelt homage to the iconic Chester Bennington. His unforgettable vocal style, which deeply inspired Plagues, is beautifully echoed in their work. This groundbreaking venture is designed to showcase the broad range of Plagues’ vocal prowess while breathing new life into a cherished track for a fresh generation of listeners. Their familiar, yet intricate performance is destined to enrapture existing fans of Linkin Park, whilst simultaneously attracting a whole new wave of followers drawn in by Plagues’ distinctive sonic flavour.

This powerful cover stands as a testament to ‘Plagues’ deep respect and admiration for Linkin Park, acknowledging the monumental impact the band has had on their own musical evolution. Check it out below!

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