Friday, September 29, 2023

POETIC VETERAN Releases Their New Track ‘EVER BEEN’

Poetic Veteran (AKA H.M. Gautsch) is born and raised in and around the backwoods of Black River Falls, Wisconsin. She relied on music as a passion and healing power at an early age, as trauma would shape and complicate her development as a child. Music was her only escape, until she was introduced to poetry and wordplay at the age of 13. She used poetry as her voice, before she could find her own vocally outside of singing. She started out as a poet/writer and had her first poem published at the young age of 16.

Throughout her adolescent years and beyond, she had a way to beat to her drum in a world of stereotypes and labels and had a dream bigger than the village she grew up in. After high school, Poetic Veteran would go off to basic training and start her military career, which would create her global curiosity and flare through her experiences and connections she created during her decade of military service and tour in Taji, Iraq, back in 2006-2007, when she was just a young 20 years old.

Poetic Veteran uses multitudes of art therapy and is a very accomplished artist to heal from her trauma/PTSD from childhood and from deployment. For the multitudes of artistry, she has done performance arts in theatre and in drag, she is an actress, author, photographer, and videographer. She has two college degrees (Culinary, Visual Communications) and is working on a third degree in Graphic Design/Media Arts. Poetic Veteran is also the Director of Creative Content for her creative team, Artists Collective, and resides in Madison, Wisconsin.

She also advocates for others who struggle with their mental health through her messages and her own stories. She also is an advocate for her own communities, the LGBTQ community and the veteran community.

“Ever Been” is a remake of a poem I wrote called “OIF (Rise Above)” and it shares the story of what I went through during my deployment during our conflicts in Iraq back in 2006-2007. The song was a good release of my frustrations with individuals who don’t see females as veterans or respectable service members. I am just trying to be a voice for the underrepresentation of veterans alike and tell my own story through my music.

The full poem can be found on my blog through the following link.

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