Friday, December 8, 2023

Profound Artist Releases New Track ‘Pressure Pt 2’

Profound Artist, hailing from Montreal Canada, stands out from other artists due to his subject matter. Profound Artist is all about being real with his audience . Not only does he pen his songs himself but he also does the majority of the instrumentals that you hear in his songs. If you are not bumping Profound Artist , you are missing out.

This track is a follow up to my other song pressure that I released in 2020. I released it the week after the pandemic started and now as this pandemic is dying down, I had to release a part 2 . It has a very 90s hip hop feel to it. It is the type of song that you bop your head automatically due to its heavy drums and hypnotizing instrumental. Not only is it nice to the ears but there is a lot of knowledge being dropped in the song.

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