Saturday, September 30, 2023

REALL RAPP Releases New Track ‘LUV’ Ft. KAYLA

REALL RAPP is an upcoming rapper born and raised in Philadelphia, he started out rapping and rhyming when he was just 13. When he turned 15 he joined a group called BEYOND AVERAGE. They worked together for a few years before REALL RAPP released his own single in 2017 titled ‘I Need To Go’, this gained a lot of traction on internet radio stations and really blew up REALL’s career.

He followed up with a track named ‘Fuck ‘Em’ which gained even more attention, and caught the eye of his now Manager. Working together with his new manager REALL RAPP has now released 14 singles across multiple platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube and many other major music streaming platforms.

“LUV is about taking that final step to be with someone take yourself way back to when you first fell in love with someone how it made you feel it was like you was 10 years old and you got your first bike you couldn’t stop staring at it always around it always thought about it well this song will take you back to that place where you fell in love so strongly about a person”

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