Friday, September 29, 2023

Rufusking Release New Single ‘Motel Stardust’

A solid base of rock. Bits of indie and acid. Rashers of grunge and blues. The four members of the band Rufusking prepare a musical meal for you with their very own ingredients. And they are ready to serve it to the world… Since 2017, the Dutch four-piece band has been working on their own repertoire.

In February 2019 the band broke loose from the rehearsal room and released their very first single – Vinegar Joe – on September 26th of that year and played many shows in local pubs and clubs in The Netherlands. On December 18th 2020, Rufusking released Poor Mister Lee. The band members are inspired by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, The Rolling Stones, Oasis and the Stereophonics. Versatile, but recognizable.

Rufusking’s Motel Stardust describes a period when the ability to do what is normal and obvious is non-existent. A time when nothing is what it seems and in which the heat and measures make daily life feel like a hopeless trip across a vast plain.

The invisibility of preventive measures that are so tangible, distorts the paradoxical reality. Although daily life at a distance does not seem to change, this is only the suggestion of something that once was and of which it is questionable whether it will ever return.

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