Saturday, September 30, 2023

SOG Releases New Track ‘Lost Boy No Neverland ‘

Joshua James Allen otherwise known as SOG (Servant Of God) is and upcoming artist. At the age of 14 Joshua discover his love for writing rhythmic patterns and a couple years later began to record. Ever since then Joshua has been making music about his and other peoples life situations.

His main goal as a artist is to speak the truth by exposing evil and bringing hope to those who have no hope. Joshua’s relationship with God is the main factor that drives his motivation for music.

“Lost Boy No Neverland” is a song made by Joshua Allen (SOG) at a time when he was at his lowest in life. Overwhelmed with the feeling of being alone and overlooked came the birth of this track. He uses metaphorical language to describe the real life situation he is experiencing. The title of this track is brought to life near the very end of the song when he voices, “I don’t want to grow old keep me young like I’m Peter Pan, I been looking for home ima lost by no neverland.”

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