Saturday, September 30, 2023

TG13 LLC Releases New Track ‘All The Way Thugg’

TG13 LLC aka TG13 is an American native artist, born in 1991 in Lakeland, Central Florida. Music has been apart of TG’s life literally all his life. With new found inspiration TG13 is back, with a new original sound… And is on all musical platforms. A young business owner actor and video producer. Anticipated to do great with upcoming release.

“All The Way Thugg” is a track inspired by TG’s overcoming things around it in a negative environment and turning any and every encounter at school proposition to advance itself learning these techniques and it’s more mature early adult life.


TG-13 has a new fire within it so and is now dedicating most of his music to his father who put aside his music career to take care of his kids so all the way thug means to be in full suit pursuit of your goals and dreams through hell under god’s grace.

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