Saturday, September 30, 2023

THALREX Release His New Track ‘Never Let Me Go’

Thalrex was born and raised in the rainy city of Bergen in Norway. He started producing back in 2010 under the alias Hypoxia. At that time he was mostly interested in House and Trance music.

Thalrex is a new alias I created, where I can unfold my creativity and do more experimental music, without any strict rules. Thalrex is a project where I get to do what I think is fun, and just make music that I love. I recently fell in love with the Retrowave and Synthwave sound, so that is what I am mostly focusing on right now. I hope you enjoy my music!

Never Let Me Go is a track expressing pure love for the nostalgic synth sounds of the ’80s. Featured in my latest EP called “Memories EP”, it’s my first track containing singing instead of just sampled speech. It’s a bit more in the poppy side compared to my usual stuff, but I think it turned out quite alright.

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