Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Greedy Beat Syndicate Release ‘Coltrane’

The Greedy Beat Syndicate are a London based team of Musicians, DJs and remixers with a wide range of influences. They write, record and make our own tunes and videos.

They’ve release four tracks since 1st Jan 2020. Each single has a video that is very much part of the whole. The last three came out over the various stages of lockdown, although all were written just before. Each of their releases have so far gained a larger audience, so they are growing as people become aware of us. It may be because their tunes are conveying something that needs to be said?

“Coltrane came from nowhere during a jam at band rehearsal. The final recording is pretty much as we first played it because we didn’t want to lose the exciting vibrancy that we felt during that session. It’s obviously very influenced by our funk and soul heroes, and has a very Mod dance floor feel. This in turn influenced the much loved Coltrane video.”

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