Friday, September 29, 2023

UK Producer DaveH Releases New Track ‘Tears’

DaveH is an up and coming songwriter and producer from Worcester, UK. Growing up he was raised surrounded by all different styles of music, which have blended and influenced his style. He incorporates elements of classical music with, easy listening and house to create a unique blend of commercial dance.

Dave’s musical beginnings began at school where he played piano, violin and oboe. Putting material on, in 2009 he was approached to turn those songs in club tracks. As a result the act “Bassland” dominated the Myspace global club charts with his blend of emotive, piano driven tdance songs.

After years of writing for other artists, in the past few years Dave has started to release his own music under the guise of “DaveH”. Working with artists such as X-Factor Bulgaria runner-up “Bogomil”, Birmingham-based “Stacy Roxx”, Italian producer “The Pantheon Project” among others, he has released a number of critically acclaimed “Sad bangers” to move people all over the globe.

“Tears is a sad dance track about getting over a relationship. Realising that you can use music as an escape to forget about past events and take you on a journey of self discovery to find yourself again.”

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