Thursday, September 28, 2023

UK Rapper Connor Spratt Drops New Track ‘Typical’

Connor Spratt is a 24 year old Alternative Hip Hop/Rap Artist and Producer from Bristol, UK. He mixes together a variety of elements from different Rap genres such as Lo-fi, Trap, Grime and UK Hip Hop to make creatively different pieces and unique sounds.

Settling into some more dark and gritty Hip Hop, Connor mixes dark, head bobbing beats with clever and humorous lyrical content to create something both impressive and entertaining to listen to. With his music constantly evolving, Connor intents to make his mark on the UK Hip Hop scene.

The title track to the new upcoming album ‘Typical’ resonates the fear of not being good enough to be a role model. Finding yourself trapped in your old ways and thinking the easiest way to get your point across is to stay away. A gritty beat mixed with modern drums that gets your head bobbing, emotions boiling and pays homage to some of my favourite music in the UK Hip Hop scene.

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