Thursday, September 28, 2023

Welsh Singer Jennifer Juliette Releases Classical Crossover Track ‘Columns’

Jennifer is a Welsh singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s based in Berlin.
Powerful, artistic, inspiring: Jennifer’s cross-over style is a mesmerising mix of her classical training and mainstream pop; her searing melodies drawn from personal experiences and boundless creative energy.

Over the last decade, Jennifer has performed at a number of prestigious venues around the world, including the Sydney Opera House, the Vienna Opera House and the Royal Albert Hall in London, where she worked as a fashion model for several years.

Trained as a concert pianist, Jennifer also plays guitar, violin and cello. She has worked in various orchestra settings. In mid-2019, Jennifer started an international women’s choir which raised money for homeless shelters across Berlin before the COVID lockdown forced the group to press pause on its demanding performance schedule.

Her passion for music stems from childhood, when, at the age of 4, she started singing and playing piano at churches in the South Welsh Valleys, where she was raised. She went on to study music and completed her exams with the Royal School of Music at 15.

Jennifer has just released her first EP — Anchor —which features several new songs.

The piano accompaniment is stormy and dark, reminiscent of “Anchor” at the beginning. The melody then lifts but is underpinned by the strong beating heart of a bass echoing throughout. At the end the final declaration “tore these pillars down” is sung at a high belt, as though screaming at a lover who did you wrong.

“Columns” was written as a reminder that even the strongest foundations can break under stress and distrust. A breakup anthem for anyone who is isolated and lost despite being with a loved one.

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